Saturday, 29 September 2012

Ganesha Chaturthi -19th September 2012

          Salutations to Shri Ganapati

Ganesh Chaturthi -
Ganapathi festival one of the biggest & most awaited time of the year.
Falling in the month of bhadrapada- September every year.
Market floded with idols of ganesha made by skillfull artisans.
Formless clay taking the Form of vignesha..

Pot-bellied vignaharta riding on mythical mouse  capturing lakhs of devotees hearts.
Ganesh Maharaj in all his grandure seated in big pandals,small pandals,
Moulded into a shape desired by devotees,very adeptable..

 Celebrations have grown year after year starting from 
                  Ganapati bappa's  ever increasing height.   

70 feet clay Ganesha at Durgam cheruvu -Hyderabad
Modaka Priya Ganesha
          The word modakam comes from sankrit root "muda"
           Modaka priya Ganesha himself joy,delight,aananda,Bliss..

10 day long festival festivities..
Young, old ,rich ,poor without the barriers of cast & creed throng the Pandals in unision,
Gracefull Ganesha showering his Grace....
        11 th and concluding day of the festival has come..
        Time to bid adieu to the much loved God..

          Ganesha seated in a decked up vehicle geared up for the procession before visarjan,

Devotees in Frenzy ,specially enthusiastic youngsters dancing to the beats,
People standing on both sides on the way throwing flowers ,screaming aloud 
                   "Jai bolo Ganesh Maharajki",Distributing Prasadam thru out,
                   The most Enchanting Festive fervor

 Ganesh Visarjan-All in unision chanting
 "Ganapathi Bappa moraya..agle baras tu jaldi aa..."

 Glorious Ganesha dipping into the water dissolving into the soil..

 Form less clay taking a form,
            Living , 
          Going back to the source from where it came..!!!!!!
          Truth of our own Exsistence
          Life in a nutshell !!!!!!



Life In A Flower Pot

I find life around me most amazing thing
Full of life
People everywhere so much life
From all walks of life,
For some life is joy
For some life is painful,

Some live as though they are ready to leave anytime
Some at the fag end of their lives look vibrant brimming with joy,
For some life is all about having fun
For some it is all about spoiling others fun,
Some are born to study 
Some appear as if they are born to eat, sleep ,watch TV,
For some it is nothing but earn earn- earn till the bucket kicked.

What ever it is,
Finally what is this life all about!!!!!
Is it just because we are born,
Live & leave one day as if we are born to die:)

Oh my God!What is this life all about...
With these life evoking thoughts
I looked at the flower pot in front of me
As if for the first time iam looking at a flower- in my life time:)

Yahoo!!!i got an answer..
As if the greatest truths are hidden in simplest things
Answer for life in a flower !!!
Bud bloomed into a flower
Spreading the fragrance living its life to the fullest
When time comes Whither off as gracefully as it bloomed

How simple life IS   !!!!